19/20 Helen Kirkum x Reebok Advanced Concepts Zig

Helen Kirkum and Reebok have come together again to reimagine the Zig. Following on from their Sole Fury collaboration, this one-off release counts 20 unique pairs of sneakers, each handmade using repurposed Reebok sneakers by Kirkum in her East London studio.


Inspired by the Zig’s skeletal-like sole, Kirkum reimagined the Zig’s upper as if a cage, overlaying and overlapping materials so that the lining is left exposed in parts. In some instances, there may be slight differences between the right and left sneaker, and in the case of pair 19 it is the only pair with a red collar from the Ventilator.


This is pair 19/20 and comes with a limited edition zine exclusive to this launch and a personalised note from Helen.

19/20 Helen Kirkum x Reebok Advanced Concepts Zig

  • Model: Pair 19/20.

    Body: Recycled sneaker components


    Material: Leather/Suede/Rubber/PU/Mixed

    Date Started: 05/2020

    Date Completed: 01/2021

    Upper made in London, United Kingdom

    Tooling attached in Boston, USA.